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Commercial Sprinkler Repair

We have been working on commercial and institutional systems sprinklers systems all over Dallas county for over ten years now.  We have done everything from re-installing the majority of a system on high schools from the streets being widened, to maintaining sprinkler systems for H.O.A.s and hotels, as well as repairing irrigation for phone and electric companies.

Here are some examples of jobs we perform:

  • Leaks / PVC breaks up to 4″
  • Valve repair / replacement
  • Valve location
  • Double check / cutoff valve
  • Controller repair / replacement
  • Rain / Freeze sensor
  • Wire breaks / shorts
  • New parking / Concrete reroutes
  • Head replacement
  • Adjustments for dry areas
  • New Landscape Adjustments
  • Pump system repair
  • Brass and copper system repair



Call us at : (214) 283-0886