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Dallas Sprinkler System Do’s and Don’ts

Dallas TX Sprinkler Repair

Your sprinkler system will be your best friend, especially in Dallas Texas during the hot summer months. It will keep your Dallas yard green and beautiful while taking a lot of the stress and hard work out of watering by a hose. Call your Dallas Sprinkler Specialist for a quote today. Below is a list of some Do’s and Don’ts of your Sprinkler System.


1. Use a sprinkler system-saves time, money and water. My number one choice is Rain Bird.

2. Learn how to use and utilize your sprinkler system timer.

3. Water early mornings.

4. Use a drip-system for flower beds, trees and shrubs. This is the most efficient way to water these areas allowing direct water to the roots with minimal waste.

5. Check for leaks and broken heads throughout the season. It’s a good idea to keep a few extra heads and sprinkler parts on hand just in case.

6. Make sure you are using the right sprinkler head for the appropriate watering.

7. Install a rain shut off device, soil moisture sensor or humidity sensor toe avoid watering when you don’t need to.

8. Before winter hits, blow out your sprinkler system with light air pressure to release stagnant water that can potentially freeze.

9. Call your Dallas Sprinkler Specialist for questions or issues you may run into regarding your sprinkler system.


1. Don’t water the sidewalk or driveway. Make sure your design is set to cover your yard and garden only

2. Don’t use your sprinkler system during time of rain.

3. Don’t water during the day or in the evening. The best time to water is early morning.

4. Don’t water everyday.

5. Don’t run your sprinkler system on one valve. It makes it more difficult to locate problems.