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Foundation Protection Systems

How to protect your foundation from shifting.

So we know how hot it gets here in North Texas. Combine that with moving clay soil, and our homes foundations are going to shift. Now there are a few solutions. One requires digging huge holes around your house, and installing peers. Sometimes even breaking up holes inside your house to install peers through the middle. This way can easily run upwards of 10,000.00 dollars. There is a better solution, a preventative solution. Installing a drip irrigation zone for your house’s foundation.

How can a drip irrigation zone help you? First we need to know why our foundations shift. Our soil in north Texas is mostly made up of clay, now clay expands and shrinks due to how much moisture its holds. Now Lay your foundation on that, and add your house, which weighs several tons, it’s going to move. What usually happens is we get rain in the spring which causes the soil to push up on your house, then it gets very dry and hot in the summer which causes the soil to pull away from your house. Also this pushing and pulling doesn’t happen the same all around your house, so something has to give. You start seeing cracks in the brick, cracks in walls, and doors that wont close, and now your foundation is shot!

A foundation drip zone works by keeping your foundation moist uniformly all around your house. Some home owners try to do this with ‘soaker hoses’. The problem with that is they put out a lot of water at the source and not much at there ends. Also you have to turn it on manually and hope you remember to shut them off in time as to no flood ur foundation. Drip irrigation has emitters every twelve inches that put out the same rate of water no matter the water pressure or how far they are from the source.

We can install a drip zone around your house that you can program to come on at a scheduled time of your choosing, for as long as needed. Plus we install it under your grass so you don’t have to see it and you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged by mowers.

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