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Home Landscape Tips From Your Dallas Irrigation Specialist

Here in North Texas when it comes to landscaping our home, there are many considerations, thoughts and details that go into our masterpiece. It’s important to know that a properly landscaped area gets better over time and with the right planning and the proper irrigation methods, you can be successful.

Here are a few tips for your home landscape design:

1. Analyze the habits of the people who will be using the space, their needs, desires and how much space each of their activities require.

2. Survey available materials and budget.

3. Analyze the enviornment, including the site and the view around it.

4. Know the ecology of the site and areas that could affect your design such as pooling water.

5. Organize and develop the site for maximum use and pleasure. Not always more is better.

6. Create a visual relationship between house and site.

7. Reduce landscape maintenance to a practical level.

8. Choose an irrigation method that properly suits your needs. Your Dallas Irrigation specialist will guide you through your North Texas sprinkler system choices, questions, sprinkler installations and proper Dallas sprinkler repair.

9. Find a local reputable nursery that will guide you with your selection. In the DFW metroplex, my latest experience was with Covington’s Nursery and Landscape in Rowlett Texas. They have a very large selection of plants to choose from along with their friendly helpful staff. They also offer several classes and events along with landscape design.