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Lawn Sprinkler Repair Professionals Can Save You Stress

If your sprinklers are not functioning properly call a professional to help. Sprinklers can be used almost year round and can cause you lots of stress and headaches if you have to constantly troubleshoot problems.

Here at 1st Choice sprinklers we provide residential and commercial services. We have been serving the community for years. If you have a leaky system that’s not spraying correctly and leaving soft spots or puddles in the yard you’re wasting water and money. Maybe it’s spraying right but it’s not reaching the entire yard like it should. Design is an important part of a sprinkler system. Don’t waste your water, call us today and let us fix your leaking or poorly designed sprinkler system.

A leaky system can also put your foundation at risk for cracking and settling which will cause a multitude of problems. Water standing near your home can cause mold and mildew on, under, and in your home. Cleanup from excess water can be extremely expensive.

We are experienced in irrigation design and installation. We can also update an existing system to correct incorrect spraying patterns and too little or too much water pressure. We can do a variety of jobs like:

• Valve replacement or repair
• Valve location
• Cut-off valves
• Sensors to detect rain or freezing weather
• Repairing wires
• Replacing heads
• Adjusting sprinklers to cover dry areas
• Upgrading to cover new landscaping
• Repairing of old pumps
• Repairing copper or brass systems
• Repair due to weather damage

We do all of the above for residential and commercial. We’re licensed and insured, and we have several years of experience. We service all irrigation brands and can reroute around pools and other outdoor obstacles.

We value our customers and are committed to giving you excellent service. We have only the best technicians who are reliable and dependable. If you need an estimate just give us a call