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Sprinkler Repair

Residential Sprinkler Repair

We have been helping Dallas area homeowners with their sprinklers for over ten years now. If your system leaks, leaving puddles or soft spots in your yard, then you are paying for wasted water, and the health of your lawn and landscaping is at risk.  If your sprinkler system does not provide proper coverage due to incorrect design or pressure problems, then either part of your lawn isn’t getting enough water, or you are likely paying too much by over-watering other parts of the lawn to compensate. Incorrect spray coverage or leaking near your home may also put the foundation at risk due to uneven soil expansion or subsidence, cause damage to masonry veneers, and result in mold and mildew problems inside the walls or house, leading to costly repairs. Using our extensive irrigation system design and installation experience, we also provide system upgrades to correct problems such as poor coverage, incorrect pressure, and the resulting over- or under-watered areas.

Here are some examples of the jobs we perform:

  • Valve repair / replacement
  • Valve location
  • Double check / cutoff valve
  • Controller repair / replacement
  • Rain / Freeze sensor
  • Wire breaks / shorts
  • New parking / Concrete reroutes
  • Head replacement
  • Adjustments for dry areas
  • New Landscape Adjustments
  • Pump system repair
  • Brass and copper system repair
  • Leaks / PVC breaks
  • Foundation protection zones
  • Repair due to lightning
  • Drip irrigation systems


Call us at : (214) 283-0886