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Sprinkler Installation

Is a new sprinkler installation right for you?

So you have a beautiful lawn and you want to take care of all the money and time invested, or you would like a beautiful lawn one day and know a professional sprinkler system is a must in Dallas Texas. Well installing a sprinkler system is good investment for your landscape as well the value of your home.

First you need to ask yourself do i really need to have a sprinkler system installed. This is a major project that involves city permitting and can be costly. The other options are watering by hand, xeriscaping, manual sprinkler devices, ect. If you are sure and ready for this undertaking here are the steps that it takes to put in a quality sprinkler system.

A licensed irrigator will come out and walk the property. Talk with you on what your irrigation and landscaping needs will be. From there you should have a bid in a day or so. Once an agreement is set, an auto cad blueprint will have to be drawn up. Everything from sprinkler heads, pvc piping down to wire placement will have to be detailed on this drawing. This will have to be turned into the city for approval. Digtess will have to be called. This company will come out to the property and located any buried lines and wires so that they can be avoided during excavation. Once all this permitting is done the lawn sprinkler system can be installed. This usually takes two to three days depending on the size of the sprinkler installation. In most cities, an inspector will have to come out and approve that the system was installed per the irrigation blueprints. As well as an independent back-flow test.

If these steps are followed you will have a beautiful irrigation system of high quality that will last for decades as well as raise the appeal and value of the property.